Angel & Archangel Card Readings


“Ruth has read my Angel cards on numerous occasions, in times that have been difficult she has brought comfort and peace of mind.  I would highly recommend Ruth’s services.”  Tracie


Are you seeking guidance in your life?  Are you in the midst or about to embark on a period of transition in your life?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then an Angel and Archangel card reading may be what you seek.


What are Angel and Archangel card readings?

Angel and Archangel card readings are a powerful healing tool.  They allow you to work with your angels, providing you with guidance and support.  They give you insight and understanding with the situations you want help with, through encouraging positive messages of hope, comfort and reassurance.

Each card has a positive, powerful and inspirational uplifting message and image, inspired by the Angels and Archangels.


Frequently Asked Questions.


A 45 minute reading costs £30.