Frequently Asked Angel Card Questions


What will happen during the session?

The space provided is peaceful and calm.  You are gently guided into a relaxed state, where your Guardian Angels and Archangels are invited to bless your reading and surround you in a healing light.  You ask the Angels and Archangels to help you choose your cards and guide your interpretation of your reading, asking for general guidance or guidance on a specific question or situation.  You are then given further information on the meaning and guidance that each card brings you.

At the end, you are invited to thank your Guardian Angels and Archangels for their guidance.  You can then take a photo of your chosen cards for your own personal reflection and interpretation.


What are Angels and Archangels?

Angels and Archangels are loving beings of light, sent from Heaven to guide and support us.  They are always with us and waiting to help if you ask them for help.

If you ask them for help, thank them and put your trust in them, believing that guidance is on its way.  Remember that help may not come in the way that you expect it to.  However it will always be right for you at that time.


Are Angel and Archangel cards the same as Tarot cards?

No they are not the same.  Angel and Archangel cards have fewer cards in a deck than Tarot cards.  Each Angel and Archangel card offers a message of advice, comfort and hope.  However Tarot cards have both positive and negative images and messages.