Privacy Policy – for Client’s Aged 16 or Under

Holistic Health York and Ruth Tarr will be shortened to HHY. I, my, me, your, you is about YOU, the client.

Who is Holistic Health York?

Holistic Health York (HHY) is a therapy business run by Ruth Tarr.  Ruth is a mental health and wellbeing therapist who works with children, young people and adults, as well as families.

What information does HHY keep about you and why?

To help you as best as possible HHY must keep information about you, such as your name, date of birth, where you live, who looks after you etc.  It can also include information collected to help you, as well as information your family shares with HHY.

How we get your information

We only have access to the data that you (and/or your parent/guardian) choose to share with us.

How does HHY use your information?

HHY uses your information to help you.  HHY can only share this information if you are at risk, for example if you may be thinking about or are hurting yourself, or you have talked about someone who is or could hurt you. HHY can also share your information with others if you want HHY to, but you can change your mind about this at any time.

How is your information kept by HHY?

Your information is kept safe and secure, and for as long as you are working with HHY, and for as long as the UK law tells HHY to.

Your Rights

You have the right to:

  • Know what information is kept about you
  • Ask for a copy of this information
  • Correct any incorrect information about you
  • Ask that no more information is collected about you, but this would mean you would no longer be able to work with HHY.

If you are worried about your information or have any questions about it contact Ruth at Holistic Health York.  If you do not want to speak to Ruth, you can call the people who are in charge of these laws, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), on 0303 123 1113.

How to Contact Holistic Health York:

Address:             Ruth Tarr, Holistic Health York, 7 Fairway, Rawcliffe, York, YO30 5QA

Telephone:         07783131678


Last Updated: March 2022

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