Stress Relief

“I now know what the things I feel really are and different ways to sort them out.”  “I am using the positive coping skills to help me keep calm.”   “I can now stop my panic attacks and the mindfulness breathing helps calm me down.”  “I now know I don’t have to get angry so people recognise and understand now when I need help.”  Year 11 Pupil feedback, Vale of York Academy.


I have created a ‘Stress Relief’ package which I deliver in schools to groups of highly anxious exam pupils.  The sessions are delivered in school and allow stressed or anxious pupils to learn how to more effectively manage and reduce their stress or anxiety, by:

  • Learning and understanding how stress affects them (i.e. thoughts, emotions, behaviours and physical sensations).
  • Identifying what triggers their stress.
  • Identifying any unhelpful thinking styles they have and how they avoid stressful situations. Then identifying and making changes to how they think and act towards stressful situations, replacing their unhelpful ways with more positive coping strategies.
  • Learning easy to use, effective practical techniques (including mindfulness and breathing)proven to reduce stress, which can also be used during exams.


“These sessions have been fantastic and I wish that more students had been able to take part.  The practical aspects of the sessions helped the students understand the impact stress had on their bodies.” Pastoral Support & Welfare Manager, Vale of York Academy.


Additional support for both parents / carers and pupils is also provided during the course of the sessions should it be required.

Prior to the first school session parents are invited to attend a Parent Session, where they can learn more about the causes of stress or anxiety and ways in which they can help their children effectively manage and reduce it.