Terms and Conditions of Therapy

Only complete this form if you are a client aged 17 or over, OR if you are the client’s representative, where the client is aged 16 years or under.

Holistic Health York and Ruth Tarr will hereafter be referred to as HHY. I, my, me, your, you refers to the client (or the client’s representative if the client is aged 16 years or under).

  1. HHY offers service in good faith.  Any advice or instruction given to you by HHY is not a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric advice.  You must seek appropriate professional treatment for any symptoms of disease or dis-order that you experience.  If you, at any time, feel, think or believe you are in a crisis or require emergency assistance, you will contact the Emergency services (999) or your GP, and you will not rely on HHY.
  2. HHY cannot guarantee that your personal problems, either expressed or implied to HHY, can or will be resolved.
  3. HHY does not accept any liability or responsibility for how you use HHY’s services, beneficial or otherwise.  How you use or interpret any advice or information from HHY, or any affects you or others attribute to this advice or information is your responsibility alone.  In no event shall HHY be liable to any person(s) for any kind of loss or damage which may occur as a result of the services HHY provides.
  4. The information you have provided regarding your personal details and health are true and correct.  You will disclose and update any personal and health information to HHY so HHY can carry out a complete and safe assessment for all services provided.
  5. The services offered by HHY are governed and bound by UK law, including HHY confidentially protecting and maintaining your information (please refer to the HHY Privacy Policy for more information).  HHY can break this confidentiality without your consent if HHY has concerns that you or someone you have mentioned is at risk of serious harm or danger.
  6. HHY may withdraw services at any time and will provide you with a reason why, or may refer you to another service provider if HHY is unable to assist you.
  7. You agree to pay the required fees for HHY’s services prior to each session and at the time of booking, and agree to the session start and end times.  You agree with the terms and conditions as detailed in the Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy. If you are in a session and have taken medicine, alcohol or drugs HHY can cancel your session immediately, and the session will be non-refundable.
  8. If you are acting on behalf of a client aged 16 years or under, you confirm that there is no Child Court Order stopping you legally granting permission for that client to have sessions with HHY.

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If you are the Client:

If you are signing as the client’s representative, if the client is aged 16 years or under:

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