Terms and Conditions of Therapy – for Client’s Aged 16 or Under

Only complete this form if you are the client aged 16 or under.

Holistic Health York and Ruth Tarr will be shortened to HHY. I, my, me, your, you is YOU.

  1. In an emergency you should ring 999; do not contact Holistic Health York and Ruth Tarr (shortened to HHY).
  2. Your problems or worries might not go away when you work with HHY.
  3. You are responsible for what you do and how you act when you work with HHY, and how you use the information HHY gives you.  HHY is not responsible for any loss or damage that happens when you work with HHY.
  4. You will always give HHY the correct and up to date details about who you are and your health, so HHY can keep your sessions safe. 
  5. HHY works within UK law, and keeps your information confidential and safe.*  If HHY is worried about whether you or someone you mention is at risk of serious harm or danger, HHY can share this information with someone else, without your permission.
  6. HHY can stop your sessions anytime but will tell you why, and may give you the details of someone else you can work with instead.
  7. If you are in a session and have taken medicine, alcohol or drugs HHY can cancel your session immediately.

*You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy

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By completing this form, you do so on the understanding that it is taken as your signature.

If you prefer you can download a copy here and either digitally sign it, or print, sign and scan/photograph it and email it to us at holistichealthyork@gmail.com.

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