Well-being Toolkit

“I thought the training on mental health was really helpful – especially the strategies to use with pupils. I would definitely recommend it!” SENCO.
“Doing the exercises ourselves was a really important part of the session and helped me imagine maybe how the children might be feeling when we ask them to do them in class. You gave some really good advice and insights and I really enjoyed the training.” LKS2 Phase Leader & Year 4 Teacher.


I have created a Well-being Toolkit for Primary Schools to use to help their pupils (and staff) improve their well-being, mental health and resilience. The toolkit is packed full of practical techniques which provide life-long skills that improve Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) including:

  • Resilience & well-being
  • Self-management & self-regulation including emotional & behavioural regulation
  • Focus, concentration & learning
  • Self-awareness of thoughts, emotions, behaviours & physical sensation
  • Social skills
  • Sleep
  • Positivity & optimism
  • Worry, stress & test anxiety relief


“Year 1 love the mindfulness and well-being activities, particularly the tree house. They think about their tree house at bedtime to help them go to sleep, which is lovely to hear! We have introduced an art area with access to mandalas which the children use for calm time. Thanks so much for sharing your toolkit with us, it is really useful both in school and at home!”
Year 1 Teacher.


Benefits of the toolkit are that it is:

  • A cost effective resource
  • Suitable for all school staff to use
  • Easy to understand and use after staff have received the training
  • Adaptable to different ages, abilities, learning needs etc.
  • Techniques link together in many different ways.
“I found it enlightening and just lovely really. I’ve already done the breathing and visualising with my Y5 class which they love and I think is very helpful.” Year 5 Teacher.


Should you require any further information then please do get in touch.