Children & Young People (Aged 6-17)

“As a parent of a year 11 pupil struggling with anxiety and exam worries, I have nothing but praise for Ruth and the way she has helped us.  She has empowered our child to feel like they have “tools” to tackle anxiety, an understanding of how anxiety affects the body and how to deal with it positively.  Ruth is highly skilled and has used a variety of techniques to reduce the anxiety and increase self esteem.  She has not only worked with our child but has helped us to gain a better understanding of how to support them.  For anyone dealing with the complexities of anxiety, exam worries and the confusion of being a teenager, I highly recommend Ruth and Holistic Health York.”  Anonymous parent of a 15 year old client


I am passionate about helping children and young people (aged 6 to 17) improve and maintain their own mental health, well-being and resilience (privately and in group situations including in schools).

“Thank you so much Ruth for everything, I am really grateful for all the things you have helped me with! I have learnt to cope with my anxiety in a better way. Thank you.” Anonymous Year 10 pupil


Many of my young clients arrive struggling with anxiety (which can include fears, phobias, eating disorders and self-harming) and stress, as well as depression and low self-confidence.  Some young clients want to stop biting their nails or stop skin picking.

“Both my boys (aged 11 and 13) have benefited hugely from a few sessions with Holistic Health York. In both cases I noticed changes in their behaviour and after some discussion they revealed issues associated with growing up and learning to socialise. As their mum, I felt that my support wasn’t enough. Working with Holistic Health York they developed strategies for handling different situations and after only a few sessions they admitted to feeling much happier in themselves and able to deal with the day to day. They both agree that going to Holistic Health York has been the reason they are more settled. I would highly recommend the skills and benefits of Holistic Health York.” Angie, parent of 11 and 13 year olds


I work with my young clients in several ways which helps build up their self-esteem and self-confidence, empowering them and helping them recognise that they already have everything they need inside them to be mentally healthy such as resilience, well-being and peace of mind.

“I first met Ruth when she came in to offer stress relief hypnotherapy at my sixth form.  Since then I have found her calm kindness a place of refuge and rejuvenation as phases of change have taken me to University.  For anyone feeling a bit overwhelmed, I would recommend her humour and honesty, for anyone feeling stressed I would proffer her multitude of effective coping techniques; and for anyone feeling unsteadied in general Ruth offers the guidance to find ones own anchoring.  The techniques I have been left with not only carried me through my A Levels but continue to be a source of empowerment today.  It’s an amazing feeling that I cannot thank her enough for.”  Emily


The blended approach I use has proven to be very effective time and time again allowing my young client’s to live their lives to the full, using a combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy as well as using aspects of mindfulness, positive psychology, NLP techniques and art therapy:

  1. I teach them numerous techniques, to use in their everyday lives, to reduce the symptoms of anxiety or depression etc. that they experience.
  2. We discuss how their thoughts, emotions, behaviours and physical sensations can all effect how they feel.
  3. Together we safely explore what is upsetting or bothering them and unravel those situations and thoughts, reframing them in a more helpful and positive light.
  4. They may be given tasks to complete at home which support the work done in the therapy sessions.  For example keeping a gratitude journal, or making notes of situations that have upset them or recurring thoughts that bother them so they can be discussed in a future session.
  5. We address and challenge any self-limiting beliefs or rules they live by that are no longer helpful as they restrict their lives in some way.  For example “I can’t talk to a group” or “I don’t like doing new things”.
  6. I also work with the parents (or carers) listening to any concerns they have and providing them with additional guidance to further support their child at home.

Depending on a young client’s cognitive or mental capability (i.e. their reasoning, problem solving, planning, abstract thinking, complex idea comprehension, and learning from experience) sessions may be more hypnotherapy based (using alot of stories, imagery and metaphors) as this would be more effective than psychotherapy or talking therapy based sessions.

“We approached Ruth when our 10 year old was suffering with exam induced anxiety and was starting to school refuse on a regular basis. We had taught her some breathing techniques, some cbt, explained what SATS were really for and that we placed little importance on the results as we already know she is awesome in so many ways. It all helped a little but wasn’t enough. Ruth was amazing. Our daughter clicked with her straight away and trusted her after the first session. Ruth added to our strategies and taught her to manage her anxiety with a combination of therapies. Our daughter has now completed all her SATs with no school refusal, no tears and no anxiety that wasn’t manageable. We are so grateful to Ruth for helping our daughter and we would recommend her without hesitation.” Zoe, parent of a Year 6 pupil


Therapy Costs: All sessions are 1 hour.

  • Parent consultation session FREE – This is required prior to working with a client (aged 6-17).
  • Individual session £90 – Client or parent review sessions.
  • Package 5 sessions £430 (saving £20) – Includes one parent review session.
  • Package 7 sessions £595 (saving £35) – Includes max. of two parent review sessions.
  • Package 10 sessions £840 (saving £60) – Includes max. of two parent review sessions.