About Me


I often get asked how I became a therapist.  The simple answer is I have been led here by my instincts, lots of hard work and a family background of strong female Irish healers.  The not so simple answer is that I know first hand what it is like to feel helpless, lost, knowing that something is not quite right within me yet unable to figure out what it is, as well as supporting family members’ mental and physical issues.


Alternative therapies helped me to get in touch with myself, regain my balance and have the strength to address those things that negatively affected me.  I have done a lot of soul searching and called upon the Angels when I have needed guidance and support.  These experiences and the knowledge I have gained have helped me on my wonderful journey from PhD student, to Biology teacher, to mummy, to Therapist, and I have discovered along the way that I have a gift – a gift for helping others.


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