“Experiencing panic attacks and high levels of anxiety at school…My overall experience of the hypnotherapy sessions has been extremely positive and even after just one session…my level of anxiety had decreased…Ruth…was so approachable to talk to about any worries and offered a lot of support…gave us notebooks to write down all the positive things that had made us smile and happy each day as well as teaching us breathing techniques and how to say positive affirmations to contribute to a reduction in anxiety and stress…My favourite part of the sessions was the hypnotherapy meditations where we all lay down on yoga mats, listened to calming music and were placed in a trance of relaxation. I found this a great way to just forget about the exams I was soon to face and just breathe and relax. After Ruth brought us out of the trance, I personally felt so much calmer, as if I had just woken up from a good night’s sleep, when in fact it had only been 20 minutes!  Overall, if you are feeling stressed and anxious, don’t be afraid to talk to someone about it… and sign yourself up to these sessions, I highly recommend it!”  Anonymous Year 13 A level Student, All Saints Roman Catholic School, York


Drawing upon my experiences with various therapeutic disciplines, as well as from my teaching and academic background, I consult and work with both primary and secondary schools to help them provide better mental health and well-being and resilience support for pupils, staff and parents.


“I really enjoyed the sessions and have benefited from the techniques learned.  The sessions helped me relax and the information in the handouts has helped me to be less stressed.”  “I got to be at peace and had moments to be stress free.”  “The information sheets we were given were helpful and useful.”  Year 10 GCSE Students’ Feedback, York High


The services I provide include:

  • An advisory consultancy service to improve the provision of mental health, well-being and resilience in schools
  • Staff training and talks (for example ‘Well-being Toolkit‘)
  • Parent talks and support (for example ‘Adolescent Anxiety’)
  • Pupil sessions, 1-2-1 and for small or large groups (for example guided relaxation sessions to decrease stress or anxiety; intensive group therapy sessions to actively address anxiety; mindfulness mandala workshops).
  • Bespoke packages.


“I can really see the benefits of the Alternative Exam Stress Relief sessions.  It helps students to focus on the positive and allows opportunities to deeply relax and be kind to yourself.”  Teacher Feedback, All Saints Roman Catholic School, York


The therapeutic disciplines and practical techniques I use are taken from hypnotherapy, meditation, mindfulness, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and psychotherapy.


Please contact me directly for further information including cost.