“I went to see Ruth in October 2017 after I had been suffering from work related stress and anxiety. From the first moment she opened the door I felt immediately welcomed and supported. Ruth’s easy and empathetic nature helped to put me at ease during the psychotherapy session and she taught me some practical techniques for coping with my stress and anxiety which I still use today.  I decided to opt for two further hypnotherapy sessions which I believe were the turning point in my recovery. I’d never had hypnotherapy before and I will say that you are in control the whole time while Ruth expertly guides you to work on the things you want to. I still use those phrases we worked on in my day to day life and it has helped me stay on top of things. I have already recommended Ruth to friends and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others. With Ruth you are in a safe and caring pair of hands.” Christina, hypnotherapy & psychotherapy 


In a safe, caring and non-judgemental space you can openly discuss and address your problems and goals.


What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is where you work with a therapist to implement positive changes to old thoughts, emotions, beliefs, behaviours or physical sensations that no longer benefit you. You are gently guided into a highly relaxed trance state, where your subconscious mind is more open to positive, life-affirming suggestions based on the changes you want to make.  These suggestions soak in on a subconscious level, and then positively change how you think, feel, and behave on a conscious level.  Therefore allowing you to live the life and achieve the things you want based on who you are and what you believe now.


“I’ve seen Ruth on several occasions for hypnotherapy to help me find time and ways to relax in a very busy schedule.  She’s so warm, welcoming and easy to talk to.  I was amazed how quickly she managed to help me chill out and switch off a mind which is always in overdrive!  In addition, she gave me techniques to use on a daily basis to help maintain the peace which she brings.  I would highly recommend her services.”  Natalie


What can hypnotherapy treat?

Hypnotherapy can positively change habits, stress or unresolved past events, as well as:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Depression
  • Fears and phobias
  • Fertility
  • Improve performance in work, study, sport
  • Insomnia
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Lack of confidence
  • Pain management, including arthritis and migraines
  • Panic attacks
  • Smoking cessation
  • Tinnitus
  • Weight management / healthy eating
  • Unwanted habits such as nail biting and bed wetting.
“When I first went to see Ruth I was at a very low ebb, my head felt like a knotted ball of wool which I couldn’t seem to find the end of. I was in a very low mood and quite depressed about the way I looked and in particular my relationship with food.  The sessions I had with Ruth helped me to see things so much clearer and I slowly began to see the good in myself and take back control over the way I felt and the way I dealt with things.  Ruth really helped me explore why I dealt with things by eating, and helped with strategies I could use every day and which have become part of my life.  I look back now and don’t recognise myself.  I feel that I now live life for everyday, accept who I am and I have more control over my eating.  I now really enjoy food and I’m overall far more healthy.  The main advantage is Ruth helps you to help yourself and I will also be very grateful that I found Ruth as my life is now so much better.”  Debbie


Hypnotherapy is beneficial as it:

  • Is natural and safe, and has no harmful side effects.
  • Can succeed where other conventional treatments have not produced the desired result
  • Can be long lasting and permanent.


Frequently Asked Questions.

“Ruth helped me to increase my self esteem.  The session was very relaxing and I felt safe and secure. The result of the session has left me far more happy being me.  I now have a new found confidence. This means that dealing with new experiences and people is less daunting.  I have also had a series of relaxation sessions with Ruth.  These were amazing.  I could actually visualise the stress leaving my body.  After these sessions I was at a very peaceful place, batteries recharged.  Thanks Ruth.”  Jane, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy & relaxation sessions

Therapy Costs: All sessions are 1 hour.

  • Consultation session FREE – Required prior to working with all clients (aged 18+).
  • Individual session £90
  • Package 4 sessions £344 (saving £16)
  • Package 8 sessions £680 (saving £40)
  • Package 10 sessions £840 (saving £60)